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109 N Fairfax Ave · Los Angeles, CA 90036 · Neighborhood · West Hollywood/ Mid-City West

One of the newest local restaurants to jump on the currywurst trend is a sleek and simple little joint located just kiddie corner to the Farmer’s Market/Grove. Owner Kai Loebach is a German native and accomplished chef and caterer who wanted to bring a little authenticity to this popular German fast-food craze. Of the many varietys of currywurst now easily available in Los Angeles, Currywurst I’ve been told is quite authentic to the real thing.

Often in Germany you will find restaurants/food-booths using a special machine to slice the wurst into perfect little pieces. I am told Kai imported one of these fancy smanchy slicers just for his shop!

(And, here’s where I would usually insert a picture of the slicer, but I failed to get one. Sorry for getting your hopes up)

Note: The red and white themed signage and decor represents the mixture of mayo and curry ketchup in the sauces… very clever, Mr. Loebach!

You may find find yourself asking, “What is currywurst and why is it the ‘wurst?”

Well, allow me to give you a brief history of the German wurst: Currywurst in a nutshell is street food brought to us via Berlin (invented in 1949). It consists of hot pork sausage cut up in to little bite sized slices and seasoned with a curry ketchup/mayo concoction. It’s an inexpensively made, filling meal that was originally given to construction workers and townspeople during hard times. So it makes sense then that so many restaurants, featuring this delicious “quick-food,” are popping up everywhere in the middle of our downtrodden economy.

They offer 3 simple versions of their currywurst dish from the menu. You can get it as-is or add one of their various sauces or choice of onion.

1. Sliced Bockwurst – which is veal/pork mixed with curry powder and organic ketchup

2. Thuringer Chicken Sausage – with mustard on a fresh roll

3. Hungarian Sausage – spicy pork

I liked the Hungarian one the best. It’s got a little spice to it and has a nice texture. If you prefer the melt in your mouth, soft variety – try the Bockwurst.

Moderately priced at $6.50, it’s totally worth it to add some yummy fries to your order for an additional $3.50. Go on and splurge – you deserve it!

I went with a few friends and that way I was able to try a little bit of everything. Located directly across from the CBS studio lot, we sat outside on benches and watched as the wacky Price is Right audience and other “interesting” West Hollywood folk passed us by. It is Fairfax, after all.

While they don’t offer alcoholic beer, (dang!) they do have a pretty good variety of German beverages (that look like beer). My favorite is the Lychee Bionade. It’s a lightly carbonated, slightly fruity drink provided in a bottle. There’s also this crazy, super caffeinated drink that comes in a little black bottle and looks curiously suspicious… sitting there… eyeing you on the counter… tempting you… daring you. I was told by the cashier to lay off the coffee after having this drink. I guess it’s pretty intense.

Currywurst is a great, casual and quick in/out fill-you-up-without-filling-you-out kind of place. Anyone who is over the sandwich thing or is trying to lay off the carbs – would especially love this great meaty alternative!

BYB Tip: Street metered parking is sparse or you can go around the corner in the residential area where it’s free. I would also recommend the Farmer’s Market parking and then just walk over.

Want more currywurst?: check out this cool little video short about the history of currywurst.


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