Sprinkles at The Grove, Mid-City West

189 The Grove Dr · Los Angeles, CA 90036 · Neighborhood: Mid-City West

Cupcake maven Candace Nelson opened her third California Sprinkles location (not including the cupcake ATM) this weekend.

Candace lured in willing customers (mostly families, shoppers and tourists brave enough to leave the house on Black Friday) with the promise of offering 5 lucky cupcake purchasers “Golden Tickets” inside of cupcakes throughout the day. Baked inside were various prizes including a $1000 Shopping Spree at The Grove and of course, cupcakes!

I didn’t win (sigh), but some lucky shoppers did. I do hope they use their $1000 wisely and buy themselves a year supply of cupcakes or something.

Here are some pics of the new Grove location:

BYB Tip: The shop is located just below the Grove parking structure right as you exit the elevators. You can park, get your treats and get back in your car without even having to step foot in the actual Grove which can be sheer madness sometimes.


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