Glow Festival, Santa Monica

I attended the 3rd annual Glow Festival on Santa Monica Beach this weekend. It was estimated that there were roughly 150,000 people in attendance this year and there was no shortage of kids and families, dogs with their owners, lovebirds on dates and weirdos on bikes. It is truly a spectacle to see, and for 8 hours for one Saturday night every year, it is truly a spectacle. 15 artists lit up art installations along Santa Monica Beach, The Pier and Carousel. There were Octopi people riding the Ferris Wheel and plankton glowing up on the beach sand. Here’s a video recap to show you what you missed.

A fun celebration of light, color, glowing things and of course, Food Trucks! Bring some friends next year and make a night of it. This years fest (gently) raged until 3 AM!


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