Mama Musubi Onigiri Pop-Up!

I really don’t understand why there aren’t more Musubi shops/ trucks in Los Angeles. With the exception of Sunny Blue in Santa Monica, The Onigiri Truck, and my Japanese friend who happens to be a cook, I don’t have an outlet really to feed my rice-ball-filled-with-meat cravings. Well, at least, for this week, my addiction can be cured at Aburyiya Toranoko where the pop-up Mama Musubi, is hunkering down in Little Tokyo until March 15th.

Brother and sister team, owners Phillip and Carol Kwan are doing us all a solid by bringing their yummy Origiri out from the Wednesday night Altadena Farmer’s Market where they normally set up shop and for one week only, are serving up the goods — for One Week Only! Such a tease!

Open for lunch, dinner and happy hour, you can expect  7 varieties; including “24-hour pork belly” (berkshire pork belly, daikon, karashi mustard, umami sauce), “miso chicken” (jidori chicken thighs, house miso sauce), “mama’s special” (shrimp, crab, jicama, yuzu aoli), “spicy konbu” (seasoned kelp, taberu chili rayu), “miso negi yaki (hacchio miso, grilled scallions), and a “truffule” (cooked tuna, cucumber, onion, wasabi aioli, and truffle oil) made by chef Fujita of Aburyiyi Toranoko.

I ordered one of each for good measure. Here’s some pics from our night. And you can also watch my Q&A with the owners by clicking here.

Tip: Since they are, of course made with rice, you’ll be able to sample more if you share with a partner!


At the bar of Aburyiya Toranoko




Musubi Madness!!!


Blogger pals @kristiehang @chef_jay


Inside meaty goodness


We be workin’


Delicious sweet potato ice cream courtesy of Toranoko. Thanks Q!


Yummy green tea pudding courtesy of Toranoko!


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