Pot at The Line Hotel, Koreatown

3515 Wilshire Blvd · Los Angeles, CA 90010 · Neighborhood: Koreatown, Wilshire Center

Californians know, there are many ways to enjoy pot. If you are a fan of Roy Choi’s restaurants (Chego, A-Frame, Sunny Spot), or happen to live near Koreatown, you now have two more ways to get your “Pot” fix; Simply pay a visit to Pot Lobby Bar or Pot the restaurant. Both located at the new Line Hotel in K-Town, both highly anticipated ventures, brought to us by team Choi and 6th man, Matthew Biancaniello.

backyard-bite-pot-amyshuster-roy choi-20

Backyard Bite with owner and chef Roy Choi

At first, hesitant to return to the hotel world (it’s where Choi got his start – read his book for the history), Choi embraced the idea of getting to create a “place for the people, for K-town, for anyone and everyone who loves Kogi to A-Frame to Sunny Spot.” He explains in a recent interview with LAMAG. It’s sort of a homecoming for him.

Kat Man Doo - perfect Steamed Dumplings with Dipping Sauce.

Kat Man Doo – perfect Steamed Dumplings with Dipping Sauce.

Choi’s personality is nicely weaved throughout the tapestry of the restaurant. I get the impression it’s a combination of the things he loves – mixed together in one great big pot (heh, get it?). The restaurant is put-together, yet fun. Feels modern, yet traditional. There’s awesome 90′s hip hop blasting on the speakers overhead (Choi’s own playlist) and the hostesses have on these funky-fresh flower-power uniforms looking like they just finished shooting a Neneh Cherry music video. The food is an approachable presentation of familiar Korean dishes – and it’s damn GOOD.

Steam Room - (Yummy and tender!) Beer Braised Pork Belly, sauteed kimchee, steamed tofu

Steam Room –  Beer Braised Pork Belly, sauteed kimchee, steamed tofu (yummy and tender!)

At Choi’s Pot, you can expect Korean food “through the eyes of an American with Korean blood,” says the creatively printed newspaper style menu.

Newspaper menu - fun to read!

You’ll most likely want to enjoy your meal here with a friend or three or four. The hot pot dishes are large (they have individual sized portions available) though they are meant to be shared. It’s very communal and feels like the kind of place you want to come and hang for a while, not unlike the vibe at Choi’s Sunny Spot. You’ll be doing yourself a disservice if you don’t try as many things as you can. Order much and share often. The menu is also varied enough to come back a bunch of times and try different things.

Boot Knocker Hot Pot (small size!)

Boot Knocker Hot Pot (small size!)

There are 10 different hot pots to choose from, along with four different sized portions (individual / “with a friend” / “more than two” / and “group love”). You can expect everything in these korean-style stews; from corned beef hash, spicy rice cakes, pork sausages, spam (of course), spicy crab, prime-rib, chicken, tripe, etc. If you like it, it’s probably in the pot.

Feeling light? Instead go for the Noodle of the Day (chilled somen noodles with various raw and pickled veg, chili paste, shredded beef, hard boiled egg), the Poke Me (yellow fin tuna, edamame, sea beans, maui onions, smoked sesame, shoyu vinaigrette) or the Kat Man Doo (steamed dumplings with dipping sauce).  ”Other things” like BBQ Mushrooms and Veggies, Potato Pancake or “Other Other Things” a Steamed Egg, various Kimchi or Spicy Dried Squid are just a few other small plates you can order.

$3 Spicy Dried Squid

Spicy Dried Squid

Perhaps for non-foodies, or those not too familiar with Korean dishes, I would imagine Pot being like a gateway to exploring more Korean flavors, more dishes… a gateway drug restaurant called Pot? (Clever, clever!)

Lucky for you, you are in K-town and with Choi at the helm, you’re also in good hands. Come hungry!

Look out for Choi’s “produce garden restaurant” coming soon just upstairs at the same hotel and scroll through below for more images from the restaurant.

Want more info? Click here for a peak inside the Lobby Bar at Pot

Opens to the public Tuesday, March 25th!


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