Watch: Stuffing my face with London’s BEST Street Food!

The food in London is so much more than just fish and chips!

For the past few years it has become a destination food scene and certainly one of my favorite food cities to visit. Dalston Yard is ground zero for some of the most amazing street food that London has to offer. Street Feast or “London’s Nomadic Street Food Circus” (as they like to call themselves), is a yearly street festival that comes around every May and lasts for about 10 weeks during the hot summer months. Locals, food lovers and visiting out-of-town foodies (like me!) pay the 3 dollar entrance fee and proceed to eat until our heart’s content. Here, I found everything from tacos to BBQ to pizzas, ice cream, spicy fried chicken, lobster rolls and delicious burgers with unique ingredients.


The Bleeker St. Burger. w/ black pudding down the center of a double cheese patty – Ah-Mazing!!

The fest lasts till the wee hours of the night, but not to worry, as the sun sets and the chilly air cools your bones, there’s plenty of beer and fancy whiskey drinks to warm you up.

The festival serves at an opportunity for these small businesses and local vendors to get their product out to the masses, and of course get their names out there. It has opened up opportunities for many of these vendors to open up actual brick and mortar locations around the city and beyond.

Check out what I ate while visiting Street Feast:

Special thanks to FoodieHub for inviting me to check out the fest!


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