Now you can be a mermaid in Hawaii (really!)

Like many young girls growing up in the 80s and 90s, I remember watching The Little Mermaid wishing I could swim underwater and wishing I had bright red flowing hair. I would imagine I was Ariel (Ariel with an afro), and I’d be swimming under the sea with Sebastian and Flounder giving that nasty Ursula a piece of my mind. I was obsessed with those catchy songs and of course, the fantasy of being a mermaid.


A friend of mine in Hawaii recently gave me the heads up that now it’s possible to make my childhood dream a reality. There’s a company in Maui that turns people into real-life mermaids for a day! Hawaii Mermaid Adventures take you through the coral reels and underwater wildlife as they teach you about the myths and mysteries behind mermaid tails and sailor tales.


In addition to leaning how to get in and out of water in a mer-tail, you learn how to identify native fish species and learn about important conservation issues.  Founded in 2016, Hawaii Mermaid Adventures provides “an authentic sustainable experience that encourages guests to discover a deeper appreciation of and connection to Hawaii’s marine environment.” They also provide free beach and underwater photos with every swim lesson.


There are so many typical water-based activities you can do in Hawaii; e.g. paddle sports, boat rides, etc., but I have never heard of getting to swim around the island like a mermaid! This is a unique experience and would be a great excursion for a bachelorette party, mother-daughter date or even honeymoon. Yes, I’ve heard guys are into it too.

I guess in this alternate movie ending, instead of Ariel becoming human, prince Eric instead gets to don a tail and join her as a mer-man under the sea and be part of her world

Under the Sea with Ariel

For more information about Hawaii Mermaid Adventures or for reservations, visit or follow its social channels on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram.



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