What is The Backyard Bite?

Backyard Bite was created in early 2011 as a way to pass the time between auditions while living in Los Angeles. I wanted to combine my love of food with my passion for storytelling. For as long as I can remember, I have told stories on a stage, with a pen, in front of and behind a camera. I question everything. It’s what drives me.

I have a major in filmmaking from Columbia College Chicago and have a healthy obsession with seeking out inspirational, funny and compelling stories about the good people I have come to know in my community.

Backyard Bite is an outlet for me to connect like-minded readers, family, foodies and friends with my love of FOOD. Through my words, pictures, videos, etc, it’s a blog where you can learn a bit about the owners, chefs and farmers making things happen right in your own neighborhood.

Backyard Bite supports local businesses and inspires readers to learn about the hidden gems right your own “backyard.”

Read more about my mission, here.


So do you have a team of writers?

Uh, I wish! Actually, every post is researched, written, photographed, edited and uploaded by me – so bear with me people! Sometimes I take a while in between articles because I’m really fleshing out a story. I’d prefer that the blog style be more journalistic in nature as opposed to being a glorified Yelp post. That being said, I do Yelp! as well.


Do you ever have guest posts or write articles for other blogs?

I am a freelance writer and I love writing guest posts! I have been featured other sites such as The Actors Diet and Buy Local Market. If you would like me to write a guest post on your blog, feel free to contact me. I am also a contributor to Squid Ink, the LAWEEKLY‘s food blog.


Can I send you some free samples of stuff?

Sure! Just know that sending me items will not guarantee that I will write about it. It all depends on if I feel the product has a compelling story behind it and is in line with the blog’s mission.


If I give you money, will you say nice things about my restaurant?

While I do enjoy sampling new products and places, I do not accept bribes. (Oh, silly morals!) All my reviews and posts are written about the places and foods I genuinely love. That being said, you are welcome to send me samples of your product or an invitation to your restaurant for consideration. This does not guarantee a post. Sometimes it does take a while for me to get to review everyone’s product so please be patient… Just because it’s not up on the site yet doesn’t mean I don’t love you. Really.


I’m a publicist and want to send you a press release or invite to a food related media event. Cool?

Absolutely. I’ll happily read them and if they pertain to anything I do, I’ll let you know.


I want to tell you about this great new restaurant that just opened up! How can I do this?

Easy peasy. Email me the info via my contact page.


I love your videos! I want to hire you to film my restaurant! Will you do it!?

I have a small team of filmmakers I regularly work with to produce food related videos. I conduct interviews, film documentary style profiles on chefs and visits to local restaurants. Please email me for pricing and information of these services.


I want to use your videos for my personal benefit. Can you send me your footage?

All video footage is property of Backyard Bite. Any unauthorized use is strictly prohibited. Play nice, I’ll find you. That being said, If you would like to use a video or selected clips for any purpose, please email me.


I would like to advertise on your site. Do you do this sort of thing?

Yes. Though it depends on if I feel we’re a good fit. Let’s talk about it.  Contact me. 


Wow, Amy your photos are so beautiful. What camera do you use?

My iPhone. Ha! Just kidding. I own both a Canon 7D Mark II and an Olympus XZ-1. I usually shoot video on the Canon (cause it’s a freakin’ beautiful piece of equipment) while most food shots happen with the Olympus. There’s also my iPhone 5. I love all three very much.


What are your favorite places to eat?

Too many to list here! I am constantly finding new favorite restaurants everyday! Please follow me on twitter, facebook or instagram to keep abreast of my latest discoveries and gems.