Holiday Foodie Gift Guide!

While Christmas shopping for those on my “nice” list, I couldn’t help but find a few nifty gifts for foodies (wink wink!) along the way. Although most of these gifts were found at various small businesses around my local Los Angeles, most of them, if not all, are also available online. There’s only a few shopping days left – what are you waiting for!? Get shopping!


All items in the video are found at Paper Source, Sur La Table or OK Store. Read on for more unique gift ideas:

Instant pour over coffee? It exists! And it’s incredibly cool and stylish too. Designed in Portland, Oregon, this Ratio coffee maker believes “You shouldn’t have to be a trained barista to make great coffee.” It blooms! It drips! It pours! And it looks damn cool.


These super cute Toast Hand Warmers by Smoko warm you up while you type! Mmmm toast. Found at


Also from try this DIY Kombucha making kit! It’s got everything you need to make the stinky tea at home!


Speaking of tea, here’s some fun for kids and adults alike. Deep Tea Diver and ManaTEA for that loose leaf tea lover in your life:


For that special Muffin Top, I mean, baker in your life:


Found these popcorn makers at Sur La Table. I’m a big fan of popcorn – any day, all day. For someone who doesn’t own a microwave, (like me) this would be a great gift, plus popcorn is a great low calorie snack! As I said, all day… any day!


Another couple of funny food related gifts for that bacon and eggs lover in your life. I found the skull egg maker also at Sur La Table and the “I Love You More Than Bacon” sign at Paper Source.


A cool fishy corkscrew also from Paper Source.


Also, found at Paper Source (and everywhere really), a super cool Corkcicle that keeps your wine chilled and a fun Kitchen Kong whisk.


Found this sleek wine opener at a boutique called  Nathalie Seaver on W. 3rd Street in West Hollywood and this awesome in-bottle decanter by Soirée.


A cute macaroon apron from Paper Source! Although, Anthropologie also makes great aprons too. I got one from there last year for Christmas!

Also, love this sparking bling bacon ornament made by Archie McPhee. They have a huge selection of bacon themed items including bacon lip balm, bacon soap and bacon toothpaste.


Love these whisky stones (not to be mistaken for gallstones – yuck!). They keep your whiskey cold without diluting it and sure look cool too. There’s also sleek, stainless steel wine pearls for that special wine-o in your life (ahem). I found them at the OK Store, a cool boutique store on W. 3rd Street, but they are so popular I’ve seen them pretty much everywhere.


Good luck shopping my lovely readers! And remember… “I Love You More Than Bacon!”


[Note: All opinions espresso’ed are my own. I was not influenced or contacted by any of these manufacturers at any time.]


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