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I’m the fun, quirky, foodie with the huge afro. Yes, it’s real, and no it’s not edible. It’s just my trademark.

Economy and Food: 101

I really felt the effects of the recession when I noticed that some of my favorite restaurants started closing their doors. They would be open for business at one moment and then the next day, a large FOR LEASE sign would be slapped across the front window.

I wondered, how many more customers would it have taken for this place to not have to close its doors? How unfortunate was it that a business that had been open for 10 or 20 or 50 years was suddenly forced to pack up shop because of the trickle down effects of a bad economy.

An excel sheet that started out as a way for me to keep track of my most frequented restaurants and favorite ma and pa shops, suddenly became a mission. Backyardbite.com grew out of the notion that people are more likely to save a friend than a stranger.

I wanted to tell others about the great local business that I came to know and love in my neighborhood. I wanted to help spread the word about places that were just too good to stay unnoticed.

I received a really nice email from a local restaurant owner who wanted to say thank you for taking the time to meet with him about his business. In the email he said:

“…things sometimes suck, like having to work a double, then come in early to open the next day.  Knowing there are people like you out there that believe in us, and will help spread positivity in the world makes it all worthwhile.  We don’t do what we do for the accolade(s), but rather to share a passion for providing a nutritious meal made with integrity and love.”

His email perfectly described why I started Backyard Bite.

There is enough negativity and online “critics” who sometimes don’t think about the cause and effect of what a simple snide remark can do to a business.  Sure, not every restaurant is great and not every owner is friendly or even nice. Some places sometimes even ask not to be given accolades, as they don’t want the bloated press. And that’s OK.

Backyard Bite was created for the underdog. I have a passion for championing those who truly love what they do; honest to goodness people who care about their product and the people they create it for. If I can help spread a little awareness, “positivity” and maybe even save a business in the process, then I have done my job.

I hope to introduce my readers to fascinating (and delicious) success stories right in their own neighborhoods. This blog is a growing collection of some of the best food finds in the Los Angeles Area – my “backyard” (And by backyard, I mean ‘neighborhood’ or ‘borough’, whatever you want to call it). Every neighborhood has its gems; you just have to discover them.

Welcome to the Backyard Bite.


Amy T. Shuster is a writer, producer, host and food enthusiast. Her blog is backyardbite.com, which focuses on creating positive content to help generate awareness of local independent foodie “gems” in the Los Angeles area.

Amy lives and dines in Los Angeles, CA.

Backyard Bite was listed as a Top LA Food Blog in Refinery29.com and has been written about in Oübly, Food:Tech ConnectTravellious and LAWeekly.

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