About Amy

Mantra: Travel, Eat. Drink Coffee. Repeat.

Burgers, pizza, ice cream and Spam. An excel sheet that started out as a way for me to keep track of my most frequented restaurants and favorite ma and pa shops, became a mission.  Support local business, meet awesome people, discover great new foods. This became my thing. I wanted to tell others about the great local business that I came to know and love in my neighborhood. After about 5 years, I started to venture outside my own ‘backyard’ and into other neighborhoods, various cities all around the world. Since I started Backyard Bite I have travelled to such food cities as London: England, Paris: France, Barcelona: Spain, Maui and Honolulu: Hawaii, Oaxaca: Mexico, Bern: Switzerland, Nuremberg: Germany, Tokyo: Japan — and that’s just to name a few…

Food became my gateway to adventure and new food discoveries, learning about different cultures, and meeting the people making a difference in the food world… all the while expanding my own culinary palate. It led to a love for storytelling, discovery and inspirational wisdom from kick-ass entrepreneurs.

I have a passion for championing those who truly love what they do; honest to goodness people who care about their products and the people they create it for. I seek out the unpredictable, the new and the super cool.

I hope to introduce my readers to good food and fascinating (and delicious) success stories right in their own neighborhoods — and around the world. Every neighborhood has its gems; you just have to discover them. Food is life. Let’s live deliciously!

Welcome to Backyard Bite.


Amy T. Shuster is a writer, producer, TV show host and food enthusiast. She is the host of Foodie Hub’s Bite Into London, The Texas Barbecue Crawl Series and Quest for the Fest on Tastemade Travel. She is a contributor for ExtremeFoodies and co-produces the Filipino food and culture podcast Phavlor Profiles, now on iTunes.

A Chicago native, she spent the last 11 years honing her culinary palate while living in Los Angeles, California. Amy currently lives and dines in Portland, Oregon.

Backyard Bite was listed as a Top LA Food Blog in Refinery29.com and has been written about in Oübly, Food:Tech ConnectTravellious and LAWeekly.

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