Choffy, The Chocolate Coffee

Anyone who knows me well knows that I am a chocoholic and a coffee lover. So, naturally I was ecstatic to find a product that combined two of my happy addictions. Choffy is just what it sounds like: chocolate-coffee. It’s chocolate that brews and mixes like coffee.

Since it is only currently available on their website, I asked the (relatively) new company for a sample so I could see just what they were all about. I was sent a bag of their Ivory Coast flavor and another little packet and to-go cup for an on-the-go brew.

Once you open the little black bag you’ll see what looks like a mixture of ground coffee beans and ground up chocolate pieces. However – there’s no coffee in it at all, it’s just cacáo beans! Mmmm, a good chocolate aroma…

The taste is bitter, not sweet and you’ll find it’s richer and more robust in flavor than hot chocolate but not as thick. When I first brewed it, I thought I made it wrong because there was a thin quality to it, more like a black tea rather than coffee.  Also, as with any unsweetened cocoa, you’ll have to use some sweetener if you’re used to sweeter beverages. You can add flavored coffee creamer or sugar to your liking. I added some half and half and a teaspoon of organic sugar and it tasted great. There’s definitely a hint of bitterness and there’s a rich tangy chocolate flavor to it.

I chose to use my French Press to brew it – which is always tricky for me since I am terrible at measuring anything. I followed the directions on the packaging and used 2 tbsp. of Choffy for every 6 oz. of water. You virtually make it the same way as you would make a cup of coffee:

  1. Measure the grounds (which were pre-measured in the bag already)
  2. Add (almost) boiling water and pour over coffee grounds, stirring gently.
  3. Let step for 5 minutes and stir again. (Let it sit a bit longer if you want a stronger flavor).
  4. Press down the filter and pour.
  5. Voilá! You are ready to enjoy your cup of Choffy.
Check out this little video that shows Choffy in action!

The Perks

Brewed in small batches, their website states that there are more antioxidants in an 8 oz cup of Choffy than in a serving of blueberries. Choffy uses 100% Premium organic cacáo beans and supplies you with longer lasting energy without the crash or negative side effects of caffeine. I am happily wired this morning as I drink my Choffy and write this post.

Its’ cacáo beans have all of the healthy qualities that dark chocolate has, without the caffeine. It contains Theobromine, which is a healthy stimulant and helps improve blood circulation.

Here are some interesting facts about Theobromine from

“Like caffeine, theobromine is a diuretic, and it also acts as a stimulant. In addition to causing the heart to beat more rapidly, theobromine also widens the blood vessels, reducing blood pressure. Unlike caffeine, theobromine does not act as extensively on the central nervous system, so it is unlikely to cause the shakes and tremors associated with excessive caffeine consumption. The compound is also a bronchiodilator, and it has been used in the treatment of asthma…”

At $15 per 12 oz bag, it’s a little pricey to drink everyday in lieu of my $6 bag of TJ’s coffee. However, it’s a perfect special treat, delicious to warm up on a cold winter day, and a perfect gift for chocolate lovers anywhere!


There’s no reason to waste perfectly good Choffy! Here’s a recipe for a body scrub you can use when with the leftover Choffy grounds.

Body Scrub

1/4 cup Choffy grounds

11/4 cup oatmeal

1/2 (about a small) mango

1 tbsp lemon juice

Run oatmeal through a blender or food processor until powdery. Then add the remaining ingredients and blend well.

Keep in refrigerator for up to two weeks!



    • You see, that’s the thing Bopsta! There’s no need to ADD any chocolate or mocha. The coffee is made from 100% Cacáo beans! It’s just one big chocolately beverage :)

  1. This AM I kept wishing for a cup of hot chocolate but opted for coffee instead (work from home + 2 kids under 3 = coffee). I’m putting in an order for Choffy. I’d love to have my sweet tooth fix AND be sufficiently wired enough to take care of home! Thanks for posting, love your blog already!

    • Thanks for the kind words Joyce! I probably drink way too much coffee for my own good. Choffy is a good alternative for sure. Let me know what you think about it, if you decide to order some for yourself! – Amy

  2. There is actually no coffee in Choffy. It is 100 percent cacao beans that have been roasted and ground like coffee, brews like coffee, but is 100 percent chocolate. Just wanted to make sure the product was represented correctly so people didn’t think they were getting coffee as well. :)

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