They’re Back!! Irv’s Burgers, West Hollywood, CA

7998 Santa Monica Blvd · West Hollywood, CA 90046 · Neighborhood: West Hollywood

They’re baaaaaack!!!!


Many Los Angeles locals shed tears two months ago when word broke that their favorite hole-in-the-wall, corner-burger joint, Irv’s Burgers, was forced to close it’s doors. The culprit? Greedy landlord of course, raising the rent, then ultimately kicking them out after 63 years (to make way for a beach-themed restaurant). It’s an all too familiar story for many independently owned restaurants.

More often than not, these ma and pop shops are unable to get back on their feet. Luckily for the family run Irv’s, they were able to not only re-open for business, but scored a new location just up the street from their original spot! Happily, they remain in the neighborhood that has supported them for so many years.

Original (now defunct) Irv’s location

Since 1963, Irv’s has been a Weho burger favorite. Formerly owned by namesake Irv Gendis, Sonia Hong and family bought the place in 2000 and has been handing out her classic burgers and fries with a smile ever since. The cool part is… other than the fact that it’s a true family-owned gem (she works with her son and mom, to run the place), Sonia gives her personal touch, remembering her customers and drawing a custom picture “Just for You” on your plate.


I think that since opening this new location, they have actually improved the quality of the business. There are tables for outside seating, a spacious, clean interior, and a big bold easy to read menu. I found parking a tad easier too. It just goes to show… when life hands you lemons… make burgers.

Take a peak inside:

If you’ve never been – pay Irv’s a visit already!





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