Greenleaf Gourmet Chopshop, Beverly Hills, CA

Neighborhood: 9671 Wilshire Blvd · Beverly Hills, CA 90212

I used to work in Beverly Hills, and although there are a lot of options in the “Golden Triangle”, I would often get sick of eating at the same lunch spots. When Greenleaf opened up on Wilshire Boulevard in 2008, it quickly became my go-to for quick, fresh, healthy lunches. It was within walking distance from my job, and I somehow never got tired of their menu.


Executive Chef, Kristi Ritchey invited me to sample some new dishes recently which I quickly fell for. For instance, they make a pizza on a thin whole-wheat tortilla and a sprinkling of parmesan. It’s super crunchy and satisfying and is loaded up with clean, lean protein and lots of mushrooms.


Wild Mushroom and Truffle “Pizza”

They serve up everything from wine to fresh juices, soups and hearty salads which you can customize. I would order a Tomato Basil soup when I was only slightly hungry, the Antioxidant Orchard Salad when I was healthy-hungry or the Turkey Burger when I was REALLY hungry. Also, the Turkey Melt Sandwich on Pretzel Bread is a favorite… It’s pretty ridiculous. It’s no wonder Restaurant Hospitality awarded them “Best Turkey Sandwich in America” in June last year.


Turkey Melt Sandwich on Pretzel Bread

With Patina Group alumni, Chef Jonathan Rollo at the helm, Greenleaf has expanded to four restaurants in the past five years. He and chef Ritchey (another Patina alumna) are the types of chefs who practice what they preach – inspiring their guests with healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle proving that food that’s good for you doesn’t have taste that way.

Chef Rollo has participated in a number of triathlons while Chef Ritchey changed her way of eating completely to focus on healthier foods. She dropped over 100 pounds in the course of a year eating this way. “It’s great to be a part of something where I get to create food that people can feel positive about eating,” she says. “I love re-enforcing the idea that eating healthier is not about ‘dieting,’ but about changing how we think about food.”

Check out one of their four locations for breakfast, lunch or dinner… I dare you not to get addicted.

BYB Tip: Recommended dishes include the Mexplosion Salad, Turkey Melt Sandwich, Green Lentils and the Wild Mushroom and Truffle “Pizza”.


Antioxidant Orchard Salad


Green Lentils




Outside patio


Inside counter


Pomegranate Quinoa with Dried Cranberries, Sliced Almonds, and Green Beans


Lemongrass Chicken Salad


Wild Mushroom and Truffle “Pizza”


Beets, Yams, Walnuts, and Goat Cheese


Backyard Bite with Chef Ritchey


Inside Greenleaf Chopshop


Healthy snacks to-go


You can customize your salad!


Inside Greenleaf Chopshop


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