Bergamot Café, Santa Monica

· 2525 Michigan Ave. Ste A3 Santa Monica, CA 90404 · Neighborhood · Santa Monica·

Located deep in the rear of Bergamot Station. Stopped by on a hunch while in the area. I figure the art dealers gotta eat somewhere right? Lunch is slammed during peak hours between 11 and 1. Get there before 1:00 if you want to try their famous Mint Lemonade. They were out by the time I got there at 1:45. Settled for a Chai Latte, which was perfect. Love that Intelligentsia coffee is popping up everywhere now. They proudly serve it here among a few other specialty drinks. It’s a nice spot to chill outside on the patio on a nice day. There’s not much indoor seating. In fact, I don’t think there is any at all. The options are shaded, or not shaded. You’ll see mostly gallerists and casual art wanderers having a bite or non-alcoholic beverage here mid-day. Could have sworn I saw a Corona bottle though.

They serve, cold or hot sandwiches, salads, etc. Your basics. I tried the Turkey Meatloaf on Sourdough. It was very soft and seasoned well. It came with a little side salad. Nothing to dream about, but it hit the spot. Free Wifi. Nice unassuming hideaway if you want to disappear for a while.




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