Singapore’s Banana Leaf, Farmer’s Market – West Hollywood

6333 W 3rd St · Los Angeles, CA 90036 · Neighborhood · West Hollywood/Mid-City West

This place is pretty hidden, located on the South side of the Farmer’s Market near the Grove. Singapore’s Banana Leaf gets a lot of visiting tourist foot traffic though as a WEHO local, knowing so many other “ethnic” eateries nearby, it really flew under my radar for a while.

A regular and fan of Singapore’s Banana Leaf convinced me to give them a try. Now, somedays I find myself simply craving this place.

In a nutshell, it’s delicious, fried, greasy hang-over appropriate food. It hits the spot when I need something heavy, filling and comforting.

One would probably not venture out and fight the 3rd St traffic at the Farmer’s Market just for this place, but if you DO happen to find yourself in the area, it’s good quick lunch food and way cheaper than some of the marked up specialty shops in the Grove.

Here are some of the items I chose. To be frank, I had no clue what I was ordering. Thank God for picture menus.

The Samosas (curry puff) are a must get. Really tasty, fluffy, curry potato-like inside.

Chicken Satay over noodles, Indo Style with Mee Goreng.

Mee Goreng With Chicken. Huge plate and scrumptious!

I have to be honest with you, I don’t really know anything about Singapore/Malaysian/Indonesian style food. I’m probably not your best source for this kinda thing. To describe it, it feels almost Thai food-like and reminds me most of Indian food; meaning very rich in the curry and sauces and quite noodley. I’m also not sure if Singapore’s Banana Leaf is considered to be authentic or street food or what.

Whatever it is, it’s good, it’s greasy and while it probably doesn’t look like the healthiest food in the world – do note this amazing fact I learned from our friends at Wikipedia: Adult obesity in Singapore is below 10%. Whaa? Sign me up for noodles everyday, please!

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