Tender Greens, Santa Monica

201 Arizona Ave · Santa Monica, CA 90401 · Neighborhood · Santa Monica

It’s true, many people shudder at the thought of eating a salad. Visions of a bland, boring, wilted lettuce leaf is anything but appealing. Most Americans stay away from eating healthy food like vampires avoid the sun. However… Tender Greens is not your typical salad place.

The life of an arugula – this is hilarious! haha

Their menu is made up of a core, healthy, farm-to-fork, sustainably local menu which includes their popular “big salads,” “hot stuff from the grill,” “comfort soups,” sandwiches and “simple salads.” Each salad is fresh, light (but filling) and is sourced from local, respectable sources and I must add, are really freakin good. Have I mentioned they serve booze!?

Now with seven locations in the Los Angeles area, Tender Greens has been steadily gaining a mini cult following among health-conscious foodies. Locations are springing up quick like bunny… or asparagus.

For an in depth review about their newest Santa Monica location, check out my recent guest post for Buy Local Market, here.


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