Burger love…

I. Love. Burgers. LOVE them.

Funny thing is, I never ate a burger until recently. I had grown up on a very minimal red meat diet.

About 4 years ago, I went to an In-n-Out Burger because my brother who was visiting had INSISTED that we go there. I resisted at first, but then I wondered what was wrong with me all these years!? Why did it take so long for me to get into burgers? It was love at first bite. Now my tastes have become a bit more sophisticated and I frequent places like The Golden State, The Bowery and Rustic Canyon just for their awesome beef and buns. There is a much longer story as to why I grew up vegetarian (more on this in a later post) but for now…

I’ve been on a quest to find some kickass food themed jewelry and recently found these dope burger earrings from a jewelry maker who sells at Royal/T.

It got me thinking just how much other people love burgers too.

This post is dedicated to my new found love for the beef and everyone else’s crazy obsession with it too. Go on, embrace your inner burger – you see they are all around us…

This cute burger hat from Lazy Oaf gives new meaning to the term Meat-Head.

Dang, Nike thinks of everything. This burger-shoe was made by artist Olle Hemmedorf. I wonder if smells like meat or feet?

A burger T-shirt pile. Cool and so random.

It’s both comfortable AND delicious! And of course it has it’s own Facebook Page, why wouldn’t it?

I’d most definately rock this burger dress by artist Joy Kampia. I wonder if it comes with french fry high heels?

Burger Bling. That’s wassup. This Japanese company Q-Pot makes serious foodie jewelry. A necklace will run you over $200 bucks. But hey, hold the pickles! It’s customizable!

Burgers are great but this is just unnecessary. Really.


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