Roy Choi x Mark Peel mix up @ The Tar Pit, West Hollywood

609 N. La Brea Ave · Los Angeles, CA · Neighborhood: West Hollywood

Campanile’s chef/owner Mark Peel and Kogi/A-Frame/Chego/Sunny Spot gangsta Chef Roy Choi teamed up last night for a little pop up mix-up at Peel’s The Tar Pit on LaBrea Ave, located just next door to Cube.

With beats serviced by DJ Sample 208, Pollyn’s Adam Jay Weissman, guests got a delicious taste of the best grub both chef’s had to offer for this one night. (If you haven’t heard of Pollyn, check them out! They super rock!)

Here are some pics from the special menu to make you salivate and wish you were there.

This burger was so good, even my 82 year old grandma loved it. She ate the whole thing! Hey Roy, nice job! Grandma approves!

UPDATE: Since this posting, The Tar Pit has closed its doors — temporarily — due to a lease issue. Lucky for those to went to this last hurrah! The rest of us can catch Roy’s culinary delights at any of his four restaurants and Mark Peel at Campanile which is conveniently located down the street.


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