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When I learned that my good friend “Boppa” was having her mom ship jars of peanut butter to her while she was living in a remote jungle in Brasil, I couldn’t imagine what life what life must be like down there without the ability to just go to the store and get some peanut butter. I mourned for her.

The 25-year-old owner of Pacific Beach Peanut Butter, Matthew Mulvihill found himself in a (sort-of) similar predicament. Wanting to make a PB&J sandwich but not having the ingredients readily available, he decided to learn how to grind and make his own peanut butter at home.  He ordered a grinder and then had an idea. He moved back home, enlisted the help of his business savvy mom and with his grandpa as an investor, he began experimenting in his parents’ kitchen. A company was born!

I was kindly sent a complimentary package to sample and share my thoughts about with you, my reader.

Without further adieu, on to the product:

The peanut butter comes in a cute little 9oz glass jar. There are a variety of rad flavors. I had never had flavored peanut butter before, so getting to try a few of them at once was really exciting for me. Current varieties on their roster include M&M’s, CinnaYum, Chocolate Raspberry, Caramel, Toffee, Butterscotch, Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate, All Natural and All Natural Unsalted. Whew knew peanut butter could be so versatile!?

I tried them all straight out of the jar with a spoon and found that my favorites were the CinnaYum (this got eaten very quickly in my house), the Caramel and the Toffee. The Dark Chocolate is also pretty good: Think of a nuttier, denser version of Nutella. It’s also made with Belgium chocolate so it is less sweet yet richer in taste. This one was the hardest to spread, but their company website recommends heating it up just prior to serving or adding a dash of olive oil to make it more smooth.

Because their peanut butter has no added oils, sugar or salt, I found it to be less creamy than traditional store bought peanut butter in general. However, it was still spreadable and delicious. Warming it up did help with the spreadability factor but I usually didn’t bother to do this. I just attacked the jars with my spoon. I ate it straight up, on a bagel, with jelly, in my oatmeal, blended in a shake with some bananas, on my English muffin, in my cookie recipe, over some celery and raisins, on a few apples, on top of waffles… ok you get the point. The possibilities are endless.

Pacific Beach Peanut Butter, is definitely worth ordering for that special peanut butter lover in your life. It’s also gluten free and made with 100% Valencia peanuts. It ain’t no Jif, that’s for sure! Order online at

Thank you Pacific Peanut Butter Company for allowing me to sample!


What delicious PB flavor would you like to see made? Coconut? Vanilla? Pretzels? Comment below… Maybe you’ll get your wish!


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