Video Profiles: Yoko Isassi – A Japanese Food Story

On today’s episode, I’m in Downtown LA.

Being that I never went to culinary school but always wanted to go, I love taking the occasional cooking class. When my foodie friend Marian asked me if I wanted to check out Foodstory, a cooking workshop about authentic Japanese cuisine, well, that was an easy “Hai onegai shimasu!” Translation… “Yes, please!” I went to see Yoko to find out more.

Yoko told me that she wanted the experience of her classes to resemble what cooking was like in your own home kitchen. I asked her how it all began…

Click to watch her story.

Read more about Yoko’s classes from a previous post!

For more info on Yoko and to sign up for a class:

Thanks for watching!


  1. Hey Amy! I love your videos! Especially the one with your favorite things, it’s so awesome! Hope to see you at a future LA Food Bloggers event. I try to plan one every month. Maybe I’ll choose one from your Favorite Things video =D


    • Thanks so much! Yes, hope to see you at a future event!! If you try a place from “My Favorite Things” let me know what you think of it! (ps – your coverage of LaWeekly’s Plate was great!) 🙂

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