LA Weekly’s Pancake Breakfast at Vibiana (recap!)

214 South Main St · Los Angeles, CA 90012 · Neighborhood: Downtown

Sure, pancakes are not everybody’s thing. My brother for instance, hates them with a passion! But I, for some reason, have always loved them – breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Flapjacks, hotcakes, whatever you want to call them, for me, they are the kind of thing you can dress up or down, make sweeter (and more sinful!) with chocolate chips or perhaps pretend you were being healthy by adding blueberries or some sort of fruit on top.

This past weekend, LA Weekly threw a breakfast party all dedicated to my special friend, the pancake. A 3-hour long sampling of LA’s best breakfast gems? How could I resist!? Watch below for the recap and read on for details.

Curated by Good Food’s Evan Kleiman, guests got to sample tasty treats from all around LA. Standouts included coconut sticky pancakes and spicy prime rib from Chego, lemon soufflé blueberry pancakes from Brite Spot and corn poblano cakes with chicharron, choke, and egg from the forthcoming Bunker Hill Mexican joint, Pez Cantina.

Caffeine was well represented at the event –  Handsome Coffee Roasters, Cafecito Organico and LAMill served up pour overs, cappucinos and cold brews for our morning wake up call.

I sampled some okonomiyaki, a delicious cabbaged-based Japanese “pancake” and the chefs  from Gottsui on Sawtelle were surprised I knew what it was! Little did they know, I learned all about this tasty street snack from my pal Yoko Isassi’s Japanese cooking classes.

Then the unthinkable happened… I met someone who had bigger hair than Backyard Bite! Vintage songstress Lynda Kay humored me with a photo for a side by side ‘fro comparison. I think she won by an inch!

Not only was this event a great way to spend an afternoon eating and enjoying the great LA weather, a portion of proceeds benefited Project Angel Food  which delivers meals to men women and children affected by HIV/AIDS, cancer and other life threatening illnesses throughout the LA area. A great cause!

Support local business by visiting these great restaurants in your local neighborhood.

Shout out to Amy Scattergood, Jennifer Swann and all the hard working people over at Squid Ink! Hooray for pancakes!


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