Lunching at Grand Central Market, Downtown

317 S. BROADWAY · LOS ANGELES, CA 90013 · Neighborhood: Downtown

I recently had a foodie date at downtown’s Grand Central Market with my blogger pal Karena (You may remember her from our Filipino food tour videos).  I hadn’t been back to GCM since the revamp so I was excited to try out a few of the new food spots!

Parking was tricky. The entrance is on Spring and there are a lot of one way streets, so I found myself going in circles until I could get to the entrance. Just a little tip, if you are staying for more than 90 mins I suggest you use a neighboring lot and pay the flat $5 as the price at the Grand Central Parking lot can get pricey if you linger in the market like I did!

Our first stop was at G&B which I knew from their previous pop-up at Sqirl in Los Feliz.

I just love their made in-house almond milk lattes. Today, I opted to try an iced sweet latte and Karena treated to some pastries – A flaky chocolate croissant and this pretty little donut. Both delicious!

We also got to sample a fizzy green tea concoction they are working on. Thanks for the bubbly, Sumi!

After our central perk, we walked about 30 yards to the freshly opened Horse Thief for some manly meat which smoke for 15 hours. A Texas style BBQ joint with casual outside seating (and a bar coming soon!) we had ourselves a protein packed lunch. Don’t forget the BBQ sauce!

We also said hi to co-owner Russell Malixi at Horse Thief. I apparently had no idea what to do with my right hand, so I did this.

After lunch, we strolled on over to check out the rest of the market. Too bad we were so full – The treats from Valerieknown for her tasty pastries and chocolates…

…and locally made Thai sausages at Sticky Rice looked so good! Ah, well… a reason to return.

After we parted ways, I decided to take a (30 second!) ride up the Angel Flight Trolley across the street just for fun. Karena told me that they built the trolley back in 1901 to connect Bunker Hill with Spring Street, shuttling the well-to-doers up and down the steep slope between Hill and Olive streets. [Tip: Show your receipt from the market for a free ride!]

The view at the top.

Until next time, Los Angeles!


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