Embrace Your Inner Pancake Face

In honor of Shrove Tuesday, Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras or Pancake Day (yes, these are all the same thing), I came across a website for this incredible human being who makes amazing FACES out of pancakes. I only wish I were this creative… or had this much patience!

He appears to do them fairly quickly. I’m not sure how many he has done over the years, but his website is full of so many renditions of famous people and movie references, he has most certainly gotten in his 10,000 hours of pancake art making or whatever you call it.

I do hope that this guy’s children know how lucky they are to get to eat Angry Birds or Einstein or Michael Jackson’s face for breakfast!? The extent of my childhood pancake breakfasts were the big ones or little ones?” Hey, well at least I got the some blueberries from time to time.

Behold, flap jack inspiration…

1-angry birds[6]

via http://www.saipancakes.com


via http://www.saipancakes.com


via http://www.saipancakes.com


via http://www.saipancakes.com

Skull Pancake

Click for the how to Video

via http://www.saipancakes.com

via http://www.saipancakes.com


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