Watch: Rooftop Glamping in Downtown Los Angeles

Glamping = Glamorous + Camping.

I love the great outdoors. My city dwelling friends, ehh, not so much. Sooo, we decided to compromise and find an outdoor adventure that we could all agree on.

We grabbed our camping gear and headed to a friend’s downtown Los Angeles rooftop. There were no mosquitos, no bears yet we were able to escape the busy urban streets and explore the “wilderness” of LA (with a fully functioning bathroom!).

One friend manned the grill, while the others helped build our “campsite.” We flew a kite, we ran around with sparklers and watched a scary movie under the stars. We basically had an outdoor grill-out / sleepover party and we felt like little kids again. It was probably one of the most fun DTLA experience I have had.

Check out our fun and see if it doesn’t inspire you to have a Glamping adventure of your very own!




Thanks to REI evrgrn for providing the awesome camping gear!


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