Why You Should Go To The Beaverton Farmer’s Market

I don’t know why it took me to long to discover that the suburban Portland community of Beaverton has a pretty poppin’ farmers market on Saturday mornings. We always drive 25 minutes or so to Portland for their food scene, but little did we know, Beaverton has one of the best farmers markets around. Located across from the Beaverton Library, it’s the single largest, all-agricultural market in the state of Oregon. You’ll find breads, cheeses, jams, sauces, oats, juices, coffees, chocolate, pastas and of course beautiful, in-season produce.

Click here to watch my kooky escapades at the Beaverton Farmer’s Market last weekend.

And read on for just a few tasty discoveries.

Photo Jul 30, 10 36 50 AM

Berries, plums, cherries, pears and figs are in season right now, so enjoy while you can and stuff your face with nature’s candy.

Photo Jul 30, 10 32 21 AM

Snack on some sweet or savory crepes as you browse the various booths. Accompanied with a cappuccino, it was the perfect breakfast.

Photo Jul 30, 10 08 47 AM

These tasty legume based grain-free granola products are a great way to snack without the pesky grains. This is why it’s good for you.

Photo Jul 30, 10 22 53 AM

Loved this awesome scratch made BBQ sauce. It’s a Kansas City recipe, so you know it’s legit. You can only find them at the markets, so keep an eye out when in P-town!

Photo Jul 30, 10 17 22 AM

These beautiful Starkrimson pears are juicy, relatively mild, sweet pears with a subtle floral aroma. Like most pears, the Starkrimson ripens fully after its been harvested. Look for the stocky stem and striking crimson color.

Photo Jul 30, 10 32 11 AM

This firey brew is meant to give your heart a kick in the teeth. It’s a raw organic apple cider vinegar-based tonic infused with a large assortment of nutrient-dense ingredients meant to nourish your insides and keep your immune system firing on all cylinders!

Raw apple cider vinegar, horseradish, ginger, onions, celery, apples, oranges, lemons, garlic, habanero chili peppers, turmeric… just a few of the great immune boosting, healing ingredients in this spicy shot.

Photo Jul 30, 10 22 29 AM

If you’re into super clean eating, you’d love these vegan snacks and meals from the Portland based Eatin’ Alive.  The food is uncooked and unprocessed but very tasty. I discovered them at my local New Seasons Market when I went on a 2-week grain and gluten detox.

Photo Jul 30, 10 09 45 AM

Photo Jul 30, 10 09 22 AM

Photo Jul 30, 10 09 04 AM

There is a lot of clean and yummy healthy foods at this market. I’d say the city of Beaverton knows what’s up.

Go, eat, repeat.

Photo Jul 30, 10 23 51 AM

PS – You can’t bring your dog in here, but they do offer a dog sitting service for a few bucks so Fluffy can sit and chill while you shop!

Photo Jul 30, 10 26 48 AM



1st and 3rd Saturdays of Feb, March, April, 10AM-1:30PM


Every Saturday, May 7th through November 19th

*Hours: May-September, 8AM-1:30PM. October-November, 9AM-1:30PM. 


Wednesdays, June 15 – August 31, 3PM-6PM.


Saturdays, October – November. 9AM-1:30PM.





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