New Happy Hour Menu at Portland’s Danwei Canting

Ok, ya’ll it’s getting HOT!

Contraty to how this looks, it's not too spicy. Mostly sweet with a slightly hot tinge.

Wok fried spicy chicken – Contrary to how this looks, it’s not too, too spicy. Mostly sweet with a slightly hot tinge.

Summertime in Portland means:

Trading that umbrella for flip flops and shorts, leaving work early (half-day fridays!!), and meeting up with your best peeps for local Happy Hour.

Danwei Canting, Portland’s Buckman neighborhood Beijing eatery recently announced a new happy hour menu with yummy snacks and cocktails. I had the chance to sample a few of their dishes and already had gone back for more the same week. Stand outs were the fried tofu, liang noodle dish, fried chicken and pork “burger,” all available on their shareable, snackable happy hour menu. Danwei Canting is the first and only restaurant in Oregon to serve Er Guo Tou, the sorghum-based distilled spirit — also for sale. I also really dug their Bei Bing Yang, Beijing’s famous orange soda!

Of course, you can always order from the regular menu too. If you haven’t been yet, check out Danwei Canting, for a “a snapshot of the food and energy of Beijing” right here in Portland.

Here are some items you can expect to find M-F starting at 5pm.

* Special thanks to Little Green Pickle and chef Kyo Koo for hosting this meal! All opinions are my own.


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