My New Series! : Quest for the Fest with Tastemade

Episode 1 Crab Festival in Crystal Beach, Texas

When you think of food from Texas, what typically comes to mind? Grilled BBQ, steaks, ribs and tender juicy brisket, tex mex, queso… Mmmm….

But what about crabs? Yep. Texas is also known for those tasty bottom feeders too!


I caught these little blue guys on the boat with Delano Comeaux a 4th generation commercial crabber.

The shores of the Bolivar Peninsula have access to so much blue crab, that every year they celebrate with a big party. Last year, I travelled with the Tastemade crew to Crystal Beach, Texas to learn all about these delicious crustaceans and learn a few recipes I could take back with me to practice in my home kitchen.

This episode kicks off my new series on Tastemade which takes me to various cities in search of the weird, the fun and the culturally awesome festivals around the globe.

Watch the video (above) to see how much fun we had at the festival. And click HERE to watch some fun outtakes from the shoot.

Historically held over Mother’s Day weekend, The Crystal Beach Crab Festival is made up of over 60 vendor booths featuring various crab-inspired dishes, arts and crafts, carnival rides and live music. There’s also a hilarious wiener dog race for the residents of this beachy town to show off and strut their pups. For some odd reason, there are a LOT of wiener dogs down there!


Here comes Red!

The fest creates awareness of what the Gulf Coast community has to offer in terms of tourism, food and entertainment. It also encourages peninsula involvement, supports youth development, scholarships, and unites the community of Bolivar Peninsula in a spirit of pride. The fest is not just a fun event but it is also an opportunity to give back to this very special and unique community.

Notable Note: The Texas Crab Festival is operated by Texas Crab Festival Charities, a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation whose mission is to increase educational and career opportunities for Bolivar Peninsula residents of all ages, and to support local organizations that further the goal of improving the lives of the residents of Bolivar Peninsula.


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