Cafecito Organico, East Hollywood

· 710 N Heliotrope Dr. Los Angeles, CA 90029 · Neighborhood · East Hollywood

This petite little coffee shop is located on the cross of Melrose and Hipster Heliotrope Dr. I first came here when they had just been open for 3 months back in September 2010. Everything was simple and bare bones and they only had one size of coffee. Small. Very small. Even still, I predicted that it would soon become a favorite coffee shop of mine and 4 months later, it indeed has.

I find myself returning almost weekly to enjoy the simple organic flavors. I love the mocha – which is a sound cup of rich, unsweetened cocoa and caffeine. The iced coffee is so perfect you don’t need to add any sugar or half and half. It’s solid.

The coffee sizes are small, about 6 or 8 oz. But are so rich and flavorful, you don’t really want more. (Seriously though, a friggin’ Vente or Trenta coffee at Starbucks has enough caffeine in it to power up a baby cow. No, thanks, I’ll stick to my 8 oz.)

Folks here are always nice and the pastries, sandwiches and breakfast items are pretty good. It’s not a huge menu, but just enough to satisfy.

Their coffee is also available at the Hollywood, Silverlake and Atwater Village Farmer’s Markets as well as its sister location in Silver Lake just 5 minutes away. The beans are roasted locally in LA, in small batches and they treat their workers well all the while believing in sustainable practices and non-chemical use.

There is a small upstairs area where you can work privately on your computer or spy on other patrons who are down below. There are plenty of outlets along a thoughtfully laid down electrical strip. It’s not the most cozy spot (no soft couches or areas to lounge) it’s a pretty simple place. Definately a local’s hang, and a good place to meet a friend or casually sip and watch the time slip away.

Cafecito is one of the first cafés I’ve noticed to sport the iPad register system, which can text or email your receipt  Also, if you have an iPhone you can download the Square App which charges your bill directly from your phone —  no wallet needed. It takes the phrase, “put it on my tab” to a whole new level.

[2/1/13 – UPDATE: They now offer coffee brewing classes every 3rd Friday of each month at their various locations. For just $10 you can learn all about the different brewing methods and how to make that perfect cup at home. Also, you get to take home a bag just for playing.]


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