Shojin, Downtown Los Angeles

333 S Alameda St · Ste 310 Los Angeles, CA 90013 · Neighborhood · Downtown ·

This was my first trek into the Tokyo Center. Sadly it looks like the once bumpin’ Japan-fused mall is now full of sparse, barely surviving businesses and yogurt shops. One place that I am glad to see, still hangin’ in, is this unassuming, contemporary-microbiotic-organic-vegan-Japanese restaurant, Shojin. Yes, you read that right. Talk about niche!

I love this place. Mind you, one needs to think a little outside of the box when you eat here. Prepare yourself. This is not your typical sushi place. Serving up rolls (sans meat or fish), you’d think they’d run out of menu items. Not at all! This place has a jam-packed menu of saitan, portobello, avocado and lots of veggies.
The host/server, Nao, (who I think is also the owner) is very welcoming and attentive. The walls are adorned with art and it’s crafty decor is simple but nice. They play relaxing Jazz music which is also a nice touch. This is a stress free place!
I had the Portobello Roll which was surprisingly not the best thing we ate. Wasn’t bad, just ok though. Loved the BBQ Saitan Roll which looked and tasted like a Dragon Roll (you know, the one with Eel and Avocado on top).

Order the Shishito Peppers! They were perfectly flavored and you get a great big bowl of ’em! We also had the most delicious Avocado, Pumpkin Seed and Edamame Salad. This was the BEST.

There were surprisingly not too many tofu-infused items, which I didn’t mind. I didn’t miss the meat either. I’m not vegan, but I appreciate the occasional meat-free dinner.

This meal’s for you little cow – Run! Be free! Be free!



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