Mast Brother’s Chocolate, Brooklyn, New York

· 105A North 3rd Street Brooklyn, NY 11211 Neighborhood · Williamsburg ·

Yup. I am a chocoholic. I will eat a double chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, chocolate chips, chocolate syrup and a chocolate fork, all atop a chocolate plate and still want more chocolate.  Hence, it was only natural that I discovered the organically delicious decadence that is… Mast Brother’s Chocolate.

This dark chocolate is pure – containing only organic cane sugar and cacao beans.

Ah, so this is what real chocolate tastes like!

I tried the Madagascar Bar, which definitely had notes of citrus, cherry, raspberry and red wine. It was deep and powerful and a bit gritty which I liked. You’ll definitely want to let it linger a bit dissolving in your mouth before letting it go.

Rick and Michael Mast make up Mast Brother’s Chocolate. Hand crafted chocolate beans from the Dominican Republic, Madagascar and Venezuela. Organically farmed, fermented and imported to New York by boat. These bearded hipster, bean-to-bar chocolate makers are quickly becoming a trendy, little trend in Williamsburg, NY.

I was super excited to learn that these attractively designed chocolate bars are available at Monsieur Marcel Gourmet Market which is located in The Farmer’s Market by the Grove and at Cookbook in Echo Park among other locations.

I look forward to checking out their little chocolatier shop too when in Williamsburg.

If you’re in NY, enjoy their chocolate tastings, Thursday through Sunday. Tours of the factory are available on Saturdays and Sundays at 1:00pm.

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