Kassava, West Hollywood

· 8410 Sunset Blvd · Los Angeles, CA · Neighborhood · West Hollywood · 323.848.8899

Strap on your flip flops, go get that straw hat you’ve been wanting to sport and head over to Kassava! This little joint takes you out of LA for a minute and down to the Caribbean for a mid-day get away meal.

Being a Puerto Rican gal, I grew up on Caribbean cuisine; rice and beans, chicken and plantains. While the menu isn’t Puerto Rican cuisine it does a pretty good job of covering the Caribbean staples and it sure does feel like mom’s home cooking!

Named after a popular Guadeloupian group called Kassav, Kassava boasts a large menu of both Haitian and Jamaican food which tastes very homemade and authentic. There’s nothing flashy about this location. It’s just west of the Beverly Center on Third Street and parking can be a bit difficult. That is really the only reason I don’t frequent here more often.

While their Jerk Chicken is a popular favorite, I decided to try the Brown Stew Chicken instead. It was was slightly sweet and flavorful. The chicken was tender and juicy and it fell off the bone. I’m used to my mom making stew with some cabbage or carrots or something more than just broth. That was my only complaint. Otherwise it was just perfect. The rice and beans were standard Casamiento-style (mixed together). The plantains were just as I like them; firm and sweet and not too soggy.

Quick Tips: I would recommend eating inside as you might get forgotten out on the patio (I did!). Also, don’t come here if you are in a hurry. As a true Caribbean restaurant, service is slow. Just imagine you are on vacation and come to chill, because they sure do take their time here! It’s nice to know though that the cooks take their time and make your food with care.

It’s the best place you can get authentic Caribbean cuisine in the West Hollywood. It’s not super cheap, but considering the Beverly Hills bordering area it’s not bad at all. Plus, when you’re like me, and don’t feel like cooking at home, it’s a good homemade substitute.

Also, check out their newest, Sunset location, or either of two of their food trucks cruising around the LA area.



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