Wurstküche, Downtown Los Angeles

800 E 3rd St · Los Angeles, CA 90013 · Neighborhood: Downtown · (213) 687-4444

Crikey! Here’s a bit of interesting trivia for you: All alligators are crocodiles, but not all crocodiles are alligators. I’m no specialist on the taxonomy of these scary looking reptiles, heck, I don’t even know what the difference is between an alligator and a crocodile is. What I do know, is that if you want to EAT an alligator, you need not go further than downtown, Los Angeles and hit up the super trendy and exotic sausage kitchen, Wurstküche located in the Arts District near Little Tokyo. Chomp. Bite. Score!

Since having opened in 2008 by cousins, Tyler Wilson and Joseph Pitruzzelli, Wurstkuche has singlehandedly spearheaded a trend of delicious exotic german sausages and brews. Three years later, it was only natural that they expand. They are planning on opening a second location by summers end in Venice on Lincoln. All you beach combing sausage lovers don’t have to wait much longer. If the line is too long downtown, you will now have TWO  Wurstküche choices!

Also, thanks to the new trend, you can also get your sausage on at other competing sausage kitchens: SteingartenLA in West Los Angeles, Berlin Currywurst in Silver Lake, and in the coming months, Kai Loebach’s Currywurst on Fairfax. Sausages everywhere! Gee, I’m a lucky girl.

Wurstküche, known for their delicious, thick Belgium fries and anything but simple sausages and brats, this place is now not just a locals favorite, but a tourist destination as well. They feature over 20 different sausages to choose from ranging from classic brats to exotic options like rattlsnake all snuggled inside a delicious soft bun with peppers or onions of your choice. Any day of the week you can find a long line of hungry hipsters and artists wrapped around the colorful brick wall waiting patiently. While in line, you’ll have plenty of time to gaze at the menu and peruse the glass case for your sausage(s). If you’re vegetarian, never fear, there are a few great vegy versions too.

Once I ventured downtown only to find they had sold out of buns! I’m told that they order 1300 buns a day, so that means they had served over 1300 people! Even without the bun, the outside line was still just as long and the sausages were still just as tasty. I even prefer the bun-less option sometimes when I need to watch my carb intake. But who’s watching anyway?

I had personally never been a huge sausage and hot dog fan, but this place has converted me. Their Sun Dried Tomato and Mozzarella Chicken-Turkey Sausage is to die for. I brought my dad here when he came to visit and I’ve been to countless birthday parties here too. I’ve run into friends and had impromptu gatherings. It’s a great spot to hang, hear great music, grab some good beer and meet up with friends. If you haven’t already been to Wurstküche, what rock have you been hiding under??? Go!

BYB Tips:

Great for large groups and birthday parties, though definitely call at least a month in advance to reserve the private party room in the back on a weekend.

While they don’t have Das Boot anymore, for $30 you can order the “Wheel” which is ELEVEN, .2-liter glasses of beer to share with friends.

Bring your KCRW Fringe Benefits card for 15% off your bill!



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