Village Pizza, Hancock Park

131 N. Larchmont · Los Angeles, CA 90004 · Neighborhood: Hancock Park · Phone: 323-465-5566

Off on one of my famous, “I forgot-to-eat-lunch-OMG-is-it-really-4:30pm?!!!” escapades, I stumbled onto Larchmont Blvd and into Village Pizzeria. I had ordered their pizza for delivery before but had never actually visited their Hancock Park location until today. It was the nice waiter who was standing out-front manning the patio who convinced me to go inside. I said I was looking for food and WIFI. He said they didn’t have WIFI, but he kindly offered up the secret to where the Coffee Bean next door keeps theirs posted. Score! (Sorry Coffee Bean)

Even though they only had one little outlet in the wall, I decided to forgo working on my computer just then and instead get down with a slice of their New York-style pie.  The mad lunch rush had dissipated and they had a table outside where I could get some fresh air and chill for a minute.

After more casual conversation with the dude on the street, I learned that this super nice server was also the owner’s son.  Awesome. I love to hear about independently owned places that keep it in the family. After all, that’s what BYB is all about! Congratulations fellas you made it to the blog!

Matthew said his sister and mom help out too. This location, after relocation from it’s San Francisco roots, has been here in Hancock Park for almost 14 years. There are other pizza places with the same name in the San Francisco area and one in Pasadena, but Steve owns this one and the other Village Pizza location  in Hollywood which opened up 1998.

The pizza is deliciously thin crust, triangle slices packed with fresh local flavors and super crispy when right out of the oven. They can make slices with any topping for you – I ordered a Margherita pizza, which is a perfect blend of fresh tomatoes, basic and garlic. Be warned… there will be no kissing after this pizza.  It’s garlic city. I also ordered a slice of the homemade sausage pizza. They make their own “sausage, meatballs, marinara sauce, fresh crushed garlic and clam mixture, and pesto, balsamic & Italian dressings according to specific ‘special’ house recipes” says their website. Yum. It’s in the taste. Not bad for LA guys. Not bad.

Their delivery range isn’t huge, (La Brea to Western, Santa Monica to Olympic), but IF you are in their delivery area, it is free and they DO cater.

Thin crust not your thang? They make a Sicilian (not quite a deep dish but it is thicker). There are also a huge variety of salads, heroes, pastas and various dinners. Family friendly, though they do serve BEER and WINE. Uhm, need I say more?

It’s a small shop, with a big heart. Support this family-run local business when you want a quick bite, party catered or when you’re in the neighborhood and are starving and falling over from hunger, like me.

BYB Tip: Parking meters may be tricky during the lunch or dinner rush, but you can park free on residential streets for two hours. Just keep an eye out for the parking nazis who lurk.




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