Jackson Market and Deli, Culver City

4065 Jackson Ave · Culver City, CA 90232 · Neighborhood: Culver City

Who doesn’t love a good sandwich?

This little deli has remained firmly planted just off Culver Blvd., (behind Sony Studios) for the past 80 years. As the neighborhood expanded and the houses were built up around it, the deli has continued to be a well-kept secret and local’s favorite. Residents of Culver City know all about Jackson Market and Deli and now that I’m spilling the beans on this little gem, so will you!

Now, unless you were specifically looking for this place, chances are you’d miss it completely. It’s nestled away on a quiet street right between residential homes. It is a perfect and affordable alternative to your usual busy downtown Culver City lunch spots. If I were looking for some privacy, I’d come here and linger in the backyard zen garden for a while, sip some Prometheus Springs Pomegranate-Black Pepper Elixir and breeze through a few chapters of my book. Ahhh, is it summer yet?

This place has is a standard, no frills deli that serves quality Boar’s Head meats and cheeses. They get an extra star from me for serving Muenster Cheese! You can order a pre-made sandwich or wrap like the Jackson Club or BBQ Beef Brisket Panini for around 8 or 9 bucks. Or do it your way and customize everything just as you like it. Get a side potato salad or some veggies while you’re at it, it’s good! Remember, the deli is not fast food, you can watch as they slice the meat and prepare the sandwich you concocted – it’s all made to order.

Linger around the market while you wait. Flip through a magazine, grab some gum, pick up a box of band-aids – whatever you can think of! They even sell beer and wine. (Note: Can’t drink it on the premises though since it’s on a residential block.) Cookies and cupcakes come from local businesses like “Sweet or Treat” and “Cookie Casa Bakery,” some are even made in house. I loved the oatmeal cookie and want to come back to try the Nutella muffin!

Come around breakfast time and get your crepe on. You can also order omelets, waffles, pancakes or breakfast burritos. Not bad for a deli! Check out the GIANT jar of Nutella near the crepe station… A good sign, indeed.

Although the place has changed owners over the years, it’s expanded for the better. The new owners have a sincere passion for what they do and it shows that they serve to give the community the best experience possible.


BYB Tips: Parking’s a breeze- just watch for street signs. Order double meat if you like a hearty bite. Give yourself extra time during peak hours as it can get busy. If you’re in a hurry, call it in or order online for faster service.

About the author Amy T. Shuster is an actress, writer, singer and food enthusiast. Her blog is, backyardbite.com, which focuses on creating positive content to help generate awareness of local independent foodie “gems” in the Los Angeles area. Amy lives and dines in Los Angeles, CA.


  1. I’m house sitting across the street from there the second week of June for 9 days, I have been to this market and I love it, the guys there are great. Can’t wait to go there and try their sandwiches. One of the co-owners told me that they have a great selection of champagne, my vice, yum!

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