Quick Bites: Café de Leche, Highland Park

5000 York Blvd., Highland Park · Neighborhood: Highland Park

I happened upon this super cute little coffee shop while touring the neighborhood with a friend. It’s nice to be able to walk down a street in L.A. and see the community out and about. We passed a few hip bars, lunch spots and Scoops ice cream shoppe as we sipped our coffees and admired the dog walkers and hipster passersby on the gentrified street of York.

Café de Leche use the Portland brand, Stumptown coffee – which is AWLAYS a plus in my book. Also, they offer horchata espressos. Sure, why not?

Yes, it was laptop central, but there is also a small play area in the back for toddlers… a thoughtful touch catering to hip-ilies (hipster + families?).

Best of all… this neighborhood bird awesomely photo-bombed the picture I was taking of their storefront sign!

Notice his location… he clearly wanted to make it into the blog.

Well done, lad!


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