Single Origin, Farmer’s Market, Mid-Wilshire

6333 W. 3rd St. Stall #316 · Los Angeles, CA 90036 · Neighborhood: West Hollywood

The 3rd and Fairfax Farmer’s Market  is a perfect example of what happens when old school meets new school.

With all it’s rich history and diversity, you can expect everything from touristy sticker stores, peanut butter makers, fruit and meat stalls, ethnic restaurants (Singapore’s Banana Leaf and Pampas Grill), various resident mom and pop shops and current food trendy restaurants like Short Order and E.B’s

Now, throw in a stall that is modern, yet whimsical, providing unique and quality coffee beverages and you get… Single Origin.

Located in a stall in the rear of the Farmer’s Market, or the front, depending on which way you’re facing…

Sourcing the best high quality ingredients: Tcho chocolate, Verve coffee roasters & Straus milk — they are committed to making a quality cup of Joe. These guys care about what you drink. Sharing a space with the tasty pastry shop and bakery Short Cake which whom they also share owners, (the late) Amy Pressman, Bill Chait & Nikolas Krankl, you now have a place to fill that third wave coffee craving right in the mix of all those familiar shops of the Market.

Single origin coffees, in which the beans are sourced from a single geographical origin are the purest form of coffee available. Coffee nerds, rejoice! The flavors are bold and pure and go well with a hazelnut croissant. Speaking of croissants…

I had the pleasure of meeting with head-baker of Short Cake, Hourie Sahakian (Named one of Zagats 30 under 30!) and some of the good people at L.A.’s newest fave bakery-burger-coffee trifecta. Tourists don’t know just how special these places are, but us locals know what’s up.

Standouts include Nik’s Cold Brew and Aunt Nancy’s Shakerato which is a whopping four shot espresso drink!

Still not sold? Here’s a little video to help you wet your whistle…

BYB Tip: Leave the laptop at home, it’s a stall in the market guys! Just come, enjoy a drink, and buy a sticker at the Market while you’re there!


Special Thanks to Chris, Mike, Cesar and Hourie for showing me around!


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