Big Gay Ice Cream Truck Returns to LA!

If you have been reading the LA blogs, and fanatic tweets from local foodies, I’m sure you’ve heard by now … the Big Gay Ice Cream truck is back in LA! But just for a few days. I’ve previously written about my favorite New York based Dairy Queens and I just had to pay them another visit while they were in town.

So what’s the big deal? Well, their ice cream is soft serve at it’s best (with a few delicious bells and whistles) and it makes me melt, EVERY. TIME. Los Angeles quite frankly doesn’t have any really great soft serve ice cream, especially none with a “pretty” unicorn on the truck.

As expected, I was met with a line of devoted fans and others who were trying them for the first time. Some snacked on bacon wrapped hot dogs and corn while they waited. Ain’t no shame.

“Was it good for you!?” Someone shouted at me from the line. “Oh, yes. It was good. Indeed.”

You can peep their website for the remainder of their LA schedule (hint: today’s the last day!), here.

Read about my previous coverage on them, here.

Whatever you do, just do you yourself a favor and try it for yourself! Just like this cute, lil’ fat dog, did!



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