Tastemade Arrives! A Video App That’s Strictly for Foodies

There’s a new app in town and lucky for me, (filmmaker/ foodie/ blogger/ host) it’s right up my alley. You might be rolling your eyes and grumbling, “oh, no, not another social media thing!” But for food lovers, this one is just too good to pass up.

Imagine if Instagram and Yelp had a baby and that baby made videos about food, it might look something like this…

Created by Demand Media founders Steven Kydd, Joe Perez and Larry Fitzgibbon, Tastemade is a Web TV Channel (ala FoodNetwork), an app, and a way to visually share what you’re eating with friends and followers… instantly.

I had the pleasure of beta testing the app prior to it’s July 12th release and got to play around with all the video functions. It’s pretty easy to use. I was thrilled to get to step away from my Final Cut pro project I had been working on and create something awesome, in an instant, without all that render and lag time.

There’s a formula. You shoot some clips with your iPhone, select some background music, choose a filter and voilá! Instant video. You are limited to 1-minute, but that’s also a good thing. As a visual person, a foodie and someone who likes to show and tell, I was an instant fan of this app.

Suddenly, everyone gets to channel their inner Guy Fieri and show us what’s on their plate (hopefully minus the bad hair and backwards sunglasses though).

Download and try it for yourself. What do we think? Oh no!? or Yummy, yay! Comments welcome.


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