Watch: A Video Travel Diary of Hawaii

I recently spent 12 days in Hawai’i. I visited 2 islands and ate countless dishes from chefs from all around the world. I discovered local gems and avant guard restaurants truly pushing the culinary envelope. I ate local. I ate lots of local. I rode a horse and visited the neighborhood markets. I learned how vanilla was grown and how the cherry red Kona coffee fruit made it into my morning cup. I ate malasadas and loco moco and coco puffs and of course, lots of poke.

I sipped. I shopped. I met local chefs, famous chefs, and hard working farmers. I saw countless stunning sunsets and sunrises. I sipped killer cocktails. I saw a Polynesian dancer kiss fire and I ate a roasted pig from underneath the ground. I hiked to the top of a volcanic crater. I slid down a slide. I saw fireworks and drank beer. I got lei’d.

I baked Portuguese Bread and pounded po’i. I tried SUPing (stand up paddle boarding). I kayaked. I swam in a geothermal hot spring. I got hit in the head with a boogie board. I ate frog legs and abalone. I visited an 800-year-old fish pond and hiked to the top of a waterfall. I saw a rainbow and heard the coquis sing.

And yes, I ate spam… and I loved it.

[I was a guest of the Hawai’i Visitors and Convention Bureau and their partners. Mahalo for having me as your guest. All opinions expressed are my own.]


    • Thanks! I had such a great time there. I hope to make it a regular thing. So much to see and do and eat. Maybe next time we shall meet! 🙂

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