The New Ramen Burger Los Angeles Location!

239 S. Vermont Ave / at 3rd · Neighborhood: Koreatown

There hasn’t been a restaurant opening that’s gotten me this excited in a long while. Ever since I tried Keizo Shimamoto’s famed Ramen Burger at the Japan America Kite Festival last year, I’ve been keeping alert to any word of an actual Ramen Burger brick and mortar shop to open in Los Angeles.

Come Sept 5th, I’ll be jumping for joy and so will my tastebuds.


New Yorkers have been lucky with a few Ramen Burger shops from Keizo which have opened in the past months, but this new LA location, a teensy tiny little stall in Koreatown on the corner of 3rd and Vermont, will be the first of its kind for us burger fans on the Westcoast.


The facts:

In addition to the original ramen burger which started the whole craze, there will be a variety of new equally delicious menu items including a salmon ramen burger, a “works burger” (with crispy bacon and a fried egg) a veggie option and a burger featuring the spicy Lincoln Lee’s La Sriracha Macha hot sauce.  Sides will include garlic fries, seaweed and sea salt fries and fries with red miso cheese. Coming soon: Possibly ramen fries?? Stay tuned…


Sampling the Salmon Ramen Burger

And if you feel so inclined to show off your love for the burger-with-the-noodle-bun, there’s a variety of merch available including tees, iPhone charms and cute made-in-Hawaii ramen burger keychains which I couldn’t resist purchasing.


If somehow you happen to have never heard of the Ramen Burger, allow me to explain. It is an original creation from Keizo Shimamoto who spent years in Japan perfecting this trademarked burger. It’s a handmade bun, made from fried ramen noodles and inside is a 100% ground beef patty with baby arugula, scallions and a secret shoyu glaze. It’s chewy, soft and exploding with flavor. Careful there, you might get some dripping down your arm. Mmmmm. Just lick it off and enjoy.


Custom made burger wrappers.

Standing outside the stand discussing how delicious the burgers were and licking our fingers, my foodie friends (@KristieHang, @Chef_Jay@TammyLaLaLand) and I suggested a surf and turf burger jokingly to Keizo’s brother Jeff… voilá! A masterpiece was created! Perhaps if we’re lucky, it just may just end up on the menu!


“Surf and Turf” Burger – Salmon and Beef on a Ramen bun

The Ramen Burger will be at the up and coming 626 Night Market  (July 18 + 19) and there’s word that Keizo will try to make it in town (possibly) August 2nd.

Come hungry and be prepared to stand in line! This sh•t is about to go down!

Click here to read about my first ever taste of the ramen burger! And click here to Watch!




Tip: If the line is too long outside. Go inside for a drink. You’ll be able to order off the Ramen Burger menu from the neighboring Lock and Key Bar which shares the same kitchen. I must say, my idea of a great weekend afternoon is a burger, a cocktail and some bumpin’ music. They have a pretty hip #IceCreamSundays shindig which features some really tasty cocktail drinks. New drink menu is set to launch very soon.

We got a sneak peak and a taste…


Backyard Bite and host Kristie Hang




“Strawberry Mule” and the refreshing “Razzle Dazzle”


A yummy pepper, mint and gin cocktail. New on the menu. Light spice. Very tasty.


Backyard Bite with Jeff Shimamoto!


Bloggers @Chef_Jay @backyardbite @KristieHang @TammyLaLaLand


The little Ramen Burger stand is hidden behind the line of people!


La Sriracha Macha! Spicy goodness!


Merch! Get them while they last!

If you made it this far in the post, thank you kindly for reading! Your reward is… getting to see a pic of the newest Ramen Burger creation coming soon…

A ramen churro ice cream sandwich. OMG. Heavenly cinnamon, crunchy sweetness. A must get. Trust me.



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