4 of the Weirdest Buzzfeed Taste Tests

Four weird taste tests, I sacrificed my palate for. Hilarity ensues.

In this video, I sampled weird Asian food from around the world. Some good, some… well, weird. Quite possibly the smelliest stuff I have ever eaten.

In this video, we tried to see if normally tasty flavors would stay tasty if turned into an ice cream. Cue nausea.

A spin off of the ice cream video above, we sampled Thanksgiving inspired flavors from my favorite Portland based ice cream purveyor Salt and Straw. I was surprised at how many of the mash ups I actually loved!

I’ve taken Bullet Proof Coffee many times before so for this video, I had to play it up like I hadn’t ever tired butter coffee (Shhh! Don’t tell!). I skipped breakfast and actually I felt super energized and alert for most of the morning… but of course, for dramatic effect, my interview is edited to make me sound like a drug addict. Lol! It tastes so creamy and good, you kinda feel like one after having it. Ha!

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?


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