Delicious Winter Drinks to Warm You Up… While They Last!

The winter months are a time for being with family, bundling up under your heated blanket and of course, enjoying all the ginger bread and pumpkin spice you can – while they last! I was kindly sent a gift card to treat myself to the holiday flavors at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and on a chilly (50 degree!), rainy, LA day, I took to my neighborhood street in Larchmont to pick up a wintery treat.

Holiday shopping, check. Warm tasty beverage, check.



Now, before you get all cray cray on me, yes, I know that “50 degrees” on a cute-not-neccesarily-warm-scarf-wearing day in LA isn’t exactly what comes to mind when one thinks of WINTER, but I have to say, my Winter Blend Tea was everything I needed to at least, get me in the mood and spirit of the holidays: A bit of spice, a bit of sweet, some warmth, and a kick of caffeine from the black rooibos blend.

It tasted like a Christmas version of a Chai Tea Latte. Let’s just say… it hit the spot.

I know there are a ton of pumpkin spiced this or that at every available store, but I’d recommend to check out Coffee Bean’s limited edition seasonal teas and coffee drinks while they last.

Flavors like Toffee Nut, Red Velvet Cocoa or Peppermint Mocha are a nice switch up from the usual standard “holiday” flavors. Available through Monday, December 29!



Holiday classics for whatever you’re in the mood for…

  • Toffee Nut Ice Blended®, Latte, and Iced Latte  caramelized sugar, buttery notes and a hint of nut is paired with a rich espresso to create a flavorful and festive latte or Ice Blended® drink
  • Peppermint Mocha Latte and Ice Blended® drink – a decadent, creamy treat that is a combination of rich mocha or vanilla and refreshing peppermint
  • Red Velvet Hot Cocoa and Red Velvet Ice Blended® drink – sweet cream is blended with the rich cocoa of a red velvet cupcake
  • Winter Dream Tea® Latte and Winter Dream Tea® Iced Tea Latte – a holiday tradition of black tea, rooibos, sweet spices and creamy vanilla
  • Peppermint Hot Chocolate – rich chocolate flavor with a creamy minty finish. Coffee-free, this drink is perfect for kids big and small

Thanks Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf for the introduction to your tasty winter treats!


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