London’s Lahore Kebab House

Like New York, the city of London is a bustling central mecca where many cultures end up co-mingling. A perfect melting pot of cultures and most importantly, food. There is an incredibly large population of Indian and Pakistani people in London and luckily, the local restaurant scene is a delicious reflection of their efforts.


On recent trip to London, I got to return to one Pakistani restaurant that rocked my world and changed my perception of what Indian and Pakistani food could be. Years prior, I was a relative newbie to the cuisine and my friend pretty much ordered the whole menu for us so we could try as much as possible. I was immediately hooked.

Full of intoxicating spices and bold flavors, I knew I had to return to see if it was just as good as I remembered. Here, chicken on the skewers are transformed into tender loving curry flavored bites and lamb chop (hands down my favorite) is delicately roasted until it is soft, juicy and dripping with flavor.

Lahore Kebab House is known for their affordable Pakistani staple food as well as being a gathering place for local families and visitors alike. Naan is cooked in their traditional Tandoori oven where the dough is smoked and cooked all at once.

Don’t forget to order a Mango Lassi to soothe the spicy flavors that will lovingly numb your mouth.

In this episode of Bite Into London, watch as I dig in with with pal Anton from the Manilla based blog,



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