Beignet, Done That

Hot fried dough smothered in sugar. Yes. Please.


Ever since I returned from The French Quarter Festival in NOLA this past Spring, I’ve been noticing beignets everywhere.

They are kind of my favorite thing.

It’s the official state donut of Louisiana. I find them to be pretty similar to the Hawaiian malasada.

I’m not much of a donut person, but if you can imagine a fluffy, square, croissant-like, pillowy-chewy donut with powdered sugar, then you are picturing pure bliss.

Of course,  I had to wait in the ridiculous long line at the infamous Cafe Du Monde — THE place for beignets in the Quarter. And take the obligatory picture.

Food is life. Live Deliciously.

And get a Café au lait while I’m there…

Food is life. Live Deliciously.

This 24-hour cafe is so crowed, you’d think they were giving the beignets away for free.

They practically ARE a steal, for $2.73 you get three of them.

Food is life. Live Deliciously.

Also, while in New Orleans, I met Loretta, the Queen of Pralines (pronounced Praaaa-leen) who taught me how to make praline beignets.

Food is life. Live Deliciously.

Here’s what I thought of them.

Food is life. Live Deliciously.

Now, I’m told there is a new NOLA style Beignet shop opening up in Beverly Hills.


I had to send a foodie designer friend to do some reconnaissance work, which she happily obliged and snapped some photos for me.

Food is life. Live Deliciously.

Original with Dark Chocolate Dipping Sauce

Food is life. Live Deliciously.

Not bad, Beverly Hills. Lookin’ good.

Food is life. Live Deliciously.

Roasted Artichoke with Harissa Aioli

She says the new cafe is cute, very “french”, and she compared it to Cafe Du Monde but “less messy — light and fluffy”.

If you’re in LA check out Beverly Hills Beignet, which just opened up. Here’s their menu.

And of course if you’re ever in NOLA… Cafe Du Monde is a must.


*Update: As of 2017 Beverly Hills Beignet has reported closed.


  1. Hello Amy, my bame is Jim Comeaux.(Como).My Wife and I have lived on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, in Ocean Springs, almost 25 years. I was born and raised in Southwest Louisiana, just north of Lafayette. As a child, I remember my Aunt Hilda babysitting my three sibling & me because that was always a fun time for us!! Why, because she almost always made beignets. They weren’t the fancy, rolled and cut kind you get at restaurants. She spoon-dropped the batter into a pot of hot oil. When completely cooked she would drain them on a clean towel and we ate them covered with powdered sugar OR with Steen’s Pure Cane Syrup and a cup of milk!! Delicious!!! That being said, I would not turn down “fancy, rolled and cut” beignets!!!

    • Hi Jim! Thanks for sharing your story! How lucky you were to have homemade beignets as a kid. I’m still trying to perfect the recipe at home myself. I too cannot turn down a plate of beignets! Yum, yum!

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