Slurping loudly at Portland’s Marukin Ramen

SE Ankeny location, 609 SE Ankeny St. A, Portland, OR 97214 ·

Marukin Ramen is a 22-year old Japanese ramen chain with 9 locations around Tokyo. Focusing on Hakata-style, (tonkotsu) ramen, they opened their first ever stateside restaurant in Portland, OR last year.

Portland, Oregon? How the heck did we get so lucky?

What's good in your hood?

hey look! It’s not raining! time for some ramen!

Ok, I’ll admit, I’m guilty of bypassing this SE Ankeny location for the popular chicken and rice standby, Nong’s Khao Man Gai just next door, but Marukin Ramen has a new lunch menu and it’s likely to lure me in for a bite.

To compliment their already popular signature handmade ramen bowls, you can now get a variety of entrees and sides even if you’re not in the ramen mood (although, shame on you if you’re ever not in a ramen mood!).

While they have always offered gyoza (dumplings) and chicken karaage (Japanese fried chicken) here are some new items to try including their donburi (rice bowls).

Two stand outs are the pork curry and rice dish… 

curry pork

and their vegan mapo tofu over rice.

What's good in your hood?

Their newest addition is their super limited and labor intensive tiger shrimp ramen.

What's good in your hood?

limited to 30 bowls a day when available: “special” ebi (shrimp) ramen. It’s not spicy, contrary to it’s fiery orange broth

This Ebi Ramen has a chicken broth base and includes bok choy, mushroom age-tofu mix, kikurage, negi and a sprinkle of sea salt. This was the first time I tried a shrimp ramen and found it to be really, really good! It was rich and briney and everything you want a good ramen to be. Also new to the menu is their pan fried Jorinji miso pork over rice.

Take a look below for a sampling of their other items and stop in for some Japanese style comfort food.

Note * The availability of the featured ramen bowls alternate at their two locations (the other one is located in the Pine Street Market) Check out their website for their current daily menu and social media for updates @marukinramen on InstagramTwitter, or Facebook

Thank you Little Green Pickle and Marukin Ramen for the invitation to try your new lunch menu! All options are my own.

Is it lunch time yet?


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