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SusieCakes · 11708 San Vicente Blvd · Los Angeles, CA 90049 · Neighborhood: Brentwood · (310) 442-2253

Lucky for me, one of my bestest gal pals had a recent birthday. I always use special occasions as an opportunity to try new bakeries… lucky for YOU, I’m gonna tell you all about my latest discovery.

This week I found myself in Brentwood trying out Susie Cakes – a 5-year-old bakery and cupcakery in Brentwood that rivals Sprinkles, one of my favorites.

It’s a good thing that SusieCakes is not close to my “backyard”. It’s the kind of place that would make me an instant diabetic. I would seriously go here and eat cake everyday if I could. Ahhh, one can fantasize though.

While the cupcakes are indeed very similar to the famous Beverly Hills cupcakery, this is how SusieCakes is different:

There is NO LINE. Anyone who has gone to Sprinkles knows about the line, which is wrapped down little Santa Monica on any given day of the week. At SusieCakes, at least when I visited, there was no super long wait and no bouncer. Yes, you have to drive all the way out to Brentwood, but it’s totally worth it.

The cupcakes are MOIST. I tried the Peanut Butter cupcake, which had a deliciously sweet peanut buttery frosting on top AND inside! The cake was very soft and moist and almost melt-in-your-mouth. I also love that they bake fresh batches every day and use a slow churned, pure creamy European-Style butter. The smooth texture of the cupcake really makes for a homemade taste. My only complaint was that I wish they were bigger! I tried some sort of vanilla cupcake with yummy green frosting and a blueberry one which was the special of the day – both, fantastic.

They don’t just do cupcakes. They have amazing CAKES (hence the name, SusieCAKES). I sampled a Marble Cake, which is not offered in cupcake form, but you can purchase whole cakes or individual slices. This is definitely a bakery to keep in mind for any sort of birthday or special occasion or Wednesday.

They have a cute mini-gift shop for you last minute people out there. They will even write an inscription ON the cupcake for an extra dollar. They must keep a tiny baker fairy hiding in the back somewhere who’s skilled at making the little letters. How she fit, “Happy Birthday, Erin” on a teensy tiny cupcake just blows my mind.

If cupcakes and cakes are not your thing, at least come by and try some of their pies, cheesecakes or cookies. The Snickerdoodle and Chocolate Chip Cookies are huge and looked amazing. I had to seriously stop myself from getting one of everything. The thought did cross my mind though. It did.

If you’re on the West Side, be sure to check SusieCakes out. Faboulously, they have five other locations across California; including Manhattan Beach, Newport Beach, Marin, Calabasas and Chestnut.

BYB Tip:

Yes, they do great wedding cakes and… deliver!!



  1. SusieCakes is tasty, but my favorite is still HotCakes in Culver City. It’s not fancy, but their mini-cupcakes are oh-so-perfect.

    • I like Johnny Cupcakes. Only kidding. Haha. Actually, HotCakes is on my radar. I’ve gotta check them out still. Thanks for the tip!

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