Sprinkles Ice Cream, Beverly Hills

9631 S Santa Monica Blvd · Beverly Hills, CA 90210 · Neighborhood: Beverly Hills


Yesterday, I got to check out the grand opening of Sprinkles new Ice Cream shop! There was a line, as expected. There was a mix of both families and foodies, as expected. And it was absolutely delicious, as expected.

However, I was surprised to find NO LINE whatsoever at the cupcake shop! This was an absolute first. Everybody was in line for the ice cream or trying out the cupcake vending machine. It seems that cupcake maven Candace Nelson has outdone even herself!

I waited for about 55 minutes before I made it to the front of the line. If you’ve waited in line for Sprinkles Cupcakes before, you know this is the norm. Angelenos take their cupcakes very seriously.

My chosen scoop was a vanilla base ice cream with chunks of their famous red velvet cupcake mixed throughout. No toppings needed. With this ice cream you can literally have your cake – and eat it too! My only complaint was that I wish the scoop was a little bigger. I devoured the whole thing before I made it back to my car! The long line was the only thing stopping me from going back for seconds.

For the opening, owner and pastry chef Candace Nelson was on hand to chat with and pose with fans. I myself have been a fan since 2005. When I used to work in Beverly Hills I ate probably a cupcake a week, no joke. They are addicting!

I almost feel like a proud parent seeing how much the Sprinkles Company has grown!

In addition to various (changing seasonally) ice cream flavors, this newest Sprinkles Ice Cream shop will offer cookies, brownies, and ice cream sandwiches. You will also be able to get your ice cream scoop sandwiched between two cupcake tops, or nestled between an entire cupcake, frosting and all! Uhm, yes please!

After fighting with myself trying to figure out which item to try, I decided on a Red Velvet scoop with a Red Velvet waffle cone.

To go, I got a Chocolate Chip Cookie and a Salted Oatmeal Cornflake Cookie for later on.

I also decided that I would be back tomorrow to try some more.

BYB Tips:  The Coffee Fudge and Almond ice cream flavor is AH-mazing! Or try the Snickerdoodle cookie or Peanut Butter Pretzel Chip Cookie – Both of which had sold out by 3 pm.

Feel like a late night nibble? Check out their cupcake machine for 24-hour vending goodness.



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