Blogger Travels… I’m in Hawaii (again!) Hawaii Food and Wine Fest!

Well, it didn’t take long for me to return to Hawaii! And who would blame me…

Since my previous visit last Spring to Maui for the Maui Onion Festival, I had been looking forward to returning and seeing what the other Hawaiian islands had got going on — food wise that is. This time, I returned as a guest of the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau to attend the 3rd Annual, Hawaii Food and Wine Festival!

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…and who I’m meeting!

Part of the Kamehameha Schools Hawaii educational programs: I took a field trip to an 800-year-old fishpond, pounded poi and ate regional foods from local farmers. Here’s just a taste from my first adventure:  Fish & Poi: Lunch at the Loʻi…

Check back for more posts from my Hawaii adventures! I’ll be telling you where you need to stay, what you need to eat, and where the locals go!


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