Date Night in Koreatown

Some of my fellow foodie friends really wanted to check out Myung In Dumpling in Koreatown, so we made plans to visit and double date in a week’s time. Ever since Anthony Bourdain talked about the Korean-Chinese Dumpling dive on his latest show Parts Unknown, it has been noticeably busier and prompting many to have to make multiple trips to get a taste. It’s a small operation and apparently they run out of food. My friends and I arrived at 8:30 pm, one hour before closing time on a Friday night to find this hand written note taped to wet floor sign propped up on a chair. Dumpling Fail. Thanks Tony.

Plan B took us just a few blocks away to BCD Tofu House, (think a Korean version of a Denny’s) for some steaming tofu soup. It was packed at 9pm and being that it is open 24 hours, the crowd never let up while we were there. Our food came out very fast and was quite filling. I love this kind of stuff to warm me up on a cold/ rainy day. We were given a few plates of the requisite kimchi along with white rice to cool our burning tongues.

Although we were pretty full, I couldn’t resist going to Mr. Coffee just up the street on Western Ave. for dessert and coffee. Open late, we hung around watching Sports Center on their flat screens and devoured a sweet chocolate custard dessert that went perfectly with my pretty mocha latte.

I couldn’t help but noticing all the students studying and working on their laptops on a Friday night. Well, I guess if you’re going to get some coffee and work through the night, this is the place to do it! It’s very cozy, they have free parking and they are open until 4 am on weekends!

The best part of the night was the lovely surprise gift my friends gave me; two humongous and bling pineapple earrings! Ah, they know me well!

And thoughts of thoughts of Maui pineapples return to mind…


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